About Us

Autos2Tech is an Automotive and Technology site founded by Shloke Sarkar. The Team at Autos2Tech focuses on matters of technology, from consumer tech to concepts to rumours, we cover them all. Our Founder is an avid tech enthusiast, who has worked for publications such as MrPhone, Warpcore and Cashify, before starting his own site. His key focus topics include Technology, Automotive News and Formula One, of which he is heavily invested in and is passionate about.

Meet Our Team

As of now, our team is quite small, with two writers steering the helm of the site. However, despite the lower number of writers, we ensure that the appropriate content reaches you without any hassle.

1. Shloke Sarkar

Shloke, the founder of Autos2Tech has worked with prestigious websites such as Warpcore.live, themrphone.com and Cashify. He has been professionally writing for over 2 years, having written for his personal blog for over a year. His role at the site includes content writing, with his focus being mainly on Formula One. In his past times, he likes to game and binge-watch Drive To Survive.

2. Rajesh

The second member of our team, Rajesh is someone who loves to be on the road. Having travelled to Nepal via road back in 2013, he has been a road warrior for a long time. He has also travelled to 19 States in India. His role at the site consists of writing about Travel. You can find his articles consisting of his personal stories on the road and experiences that have occurred in his 14 years of travelling. During his free time, you can find him shooting pictures.