Apple Will Repair Your Watch SE, Series 5 For Free, Given You Are Facing This Issue

Shloke Sarkar

Apple spiced things up when it came to its Apple Watch series, with the introduction of a cheaper Apple Watch SE alongside the yearly upgrade for the Apple Watch, which, for 2020 was the Apple Watch Series 6. This allowed for users on a tight budget to enjoy the functionalities and features of the Cupertino based tech giant’s smart wearable, minus the cost.

It seems however that certain Apple Watch owners are facing issues with their devices when it comes to the Battery Saving power reserve mode. This is most evident for the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 5 and, as such, Apple is offering free repairs to users of these watches, in case they too are facing this peculiar issue.

What Has Apple Done In Relation To This Issue?

Apple mentioned in its updated support page that this particular issue affects very few customers. Another mention tells us that this issue is limited to the Watch Series 5 or Watch SE devices running on watchOS 7.2 or 7.3, so, in case you have got an older version running on your Apple Watch, you ought not to worry. In case you are facing this issue, Apple states that you can either update your Watch to watchOS 7.3.1 or get it exchanged, free of charge.

As for whether this issue has affected you or not, you can check this by placing the watch on a charger and waiting for approximately 30 mins. If the device does not charge, you can either contact Apple support or update to the next version. Do note that Apple has stated that it will examine the product and if it is eligible for a free repair, it will be done.

How To Check Your watchOS Version (For Watch SE, Series 5)

If you wish to check the watchOS version that your Apple Watch is on, you can open the settings on the Watch and tap General. Then, you will need to press About and look for the version number. If the version number varies from what we have noted, you have no reason to worry.

In case you are wondering, the Apple Watch Series 5 was launched back in September 2019, but was discontinued after the launch of the Series 6.

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