Imartis, Masjids and Qilas: Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh

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Located at a distance of roughly 66 kms from Varanasi, the ancient town of Jaunpur gets ignored due to its larger counterpart. While looking for places to visit near Varanasi, I chanced to come across it. What drew my towards it was the fact that it is the birth place […]

Hidden Gems Of Jharkand: Salparni, Hazaribagh


The hill station of Hazaribagh, located some 93 kms from Ranchi, is located on N.H.33. The district of Hazaribag is situated in the north east part of North Chotanagpur Division is home to a number of hidden gems like the Sanskriti Museum and the Megaliths of Barkagaon. Hazaribagh is also […]

A Complete Guide For Travelling To Nepal By Road


One of the most beautiful countries one can travel to easily and that too by one’s own vehicle is the SAARC nation of Nepal. A neighbouring country, Nepal is known for its pristine beauty, towering mountains and ancient temples. How to enter Nepal from India Via the Sunauli Border Crossing: […]

Everything That You Need To Know About Eco Mode


With fuel prices touching an all-time high in Rajasthan, for the first time, I thought seriously about using the Eco Mode in my car but before doing so, I decided to delve into what it is and how we stand to benefit from the same. What is Eco Mode? Eco […]

How Much of Ground Clearance is Adequate?


As an ex-owner of a Maruti Zen Estilo, no one understands the importance of Ground Clearance better than me; particularly so since I have got stuck on a dark desolate road with a ruptured Oil Drain Plug, some 50 kms. from Hazaribagh with my family in toe.  This was the […]