BMW To Stick To Bold, Chunky Design, Says Cannot Please Everyone

Shloke Sarkar

German automaker BMW, known far and wide for its sports and luxury offerings grabbed everyone’s attention due to the chunky and bold design that was evident on most of the company’s offerings.

The new generation of BMW cars sport a giant kidney grille that does not have everyone pleased.

The brand recently opened up about this and admitted that it cannot please everyone when it comes to design, adding that it has decided to continue with the current styling, since it gives the brand a separate identity, allowing its offerings to stand out.

In an interview, BMW’s head of design, Domagoj Dukec stated that the luxury automaker will continue to build on its current design language. The bosses want products that should stand out.

He also added that if a brand wants to create something that can truly stand out, the product must be different.

“If you want to reach some customers, you have to stand out. It’s not our goal to please everyone in the world, but you have to please your customers,” he further said.

The senior Vice-President of BMW Group design, Adrian Van Hooydonk admitted that sometimes customer feedback can be brutal, but, that does not mean that the German automaker will change its mind. He said that conflict is common and comes from the fact that the car brand had some successful models in its recent past.

“There is some friction when your old product is so successful, and that’s what we’re seeing. If your market success isn’t there, then you have to change. That’s a very stressful situation as a company,” he added.

The auto giant aims to target groups of consumers to attract with the new-gen design, namely elegant creators and expressive performers. The company added that the group of elegant creators generally flock to likes of the odd-numbered cars that include 3 Series, 5 Series, and 7 Series, whilst the performers prefer BMW models such as the new M4 or the X6.

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