Checo States That He Understands Why Drivers Struggled To Adjust To Red Bull

Shloke Sarkar

The latest of Max Verstappen’s new teammates, Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez has stated that he can understand why the drivers have struggled to adjust to Red Bull’s Formula 1 car, finding the car “quite different” to what the Mexican has previously driven.

Perez has sampled the Red Bull F1 car for the first time earlier this week, completing the run using a 2019-spec RB15 on Tuesday, before stepping into the RB16B for filming day.

Checo has joined Red Bull for a single season post leaving Racing Point at the end of 2020, replacing Alexander Albon. This marks Perez’s first outing with a front-running team, since he has mostly been a mid-fielder during his F1 career.

Red Bull’s cars are notorious for being tricky, with drivers failing to adapt to the same. This was clearly evident for the RB16, which saw both Albon and Max Verstappen struggling in the early part of the season.

When asked by as to how he found adjusting to a new car, both during simulations and filming day, Checo noted that there were differences.

“It is quite different, I can already spot the differences,” Checo said.

“[You can feel] the strong front end that the car has and so on, those are things that as soon as you jump into the car and the simulator. You can spot them out fairly quickly.”

Furthermore, Perex acknowledged from initial testing that he could tell why his predecessors struggled to adapt to the bull.

“I think it’s obviously a car [that] I can see why not every driver can adapt to it,” he said. “I can already spot that. In terms of the timing that I need, to know exactly where to set up the car, where to take the final tenths out of it.

“That comes with experience in the car and learning how to make the most out of it. That’s something that will come just once I fully understand. I hope it doesn’t take me too long.”

Although Checo was not willing to share any conclusions from his shakedown at Silverstone, he felt there were positive signs in the car for the year.

“It’s a filming day, so it’s all about trying to get myself comfortable in the car,” Perez said. “I can kind of already see that there is potential in it, and I can spot some of the differences.

“It’s on test tyres and so on, so I don’t want to draw any conclusions. But I can just see there is some good potential in the car.”

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