Daniel Ricciardo: Braking Main Difference Between McLaren and Other Teams

Shloke Sarkar

Australian Racing Driver Daniel Ricciardo stated that getting comfortable with the brakes in his new McLaren MCL35M is one of the biggest adjustments that he has had to make since joining the Woking based outfit.

This comes after having switched three teams in the last four years, Ricciardo recently opened up about how he is again having to make changes as well as adapt to the car which behaves differently when it comes to braking compared to his Renault car.

“It is certainly different again so I am still probably adapting or adjusting to that,” he said. “Going from Red Bull to Renault and Renault to McLaren, probably the braking is the biggest thing which it seems like you need to adapt.

“That’s one where I’m still trying to get on top of it and understand where the limit is, of the car. But I think generally in the past couple of years it looks like they’ve had a pretty good car on braking.”

Daniel Ricciardo is hopeful that he will be able to perform some of his late braking passes which have made him famous once he is comfortable with his new car.

“I think that once I’m up to speed [it] should be a pretty good one and hopefully [you’ll] see some good passes from me again, some late ones,” he stated.

“With the braking, it’s more probably just a mechanical feeling. I think even things like new cars, new pedals and positioning, it’s probably more just a feel on that physically than anything else for now.”

The changes to the F1 car and their aerodynamics to reduce downforce have also seen altered handling stated Ricciardo. “I have seen a few more cars sliding, for sure. I’m not sure they’re quite there with the rear grip yet.

So I think most people are probably still suffering some losses with with the floor change.”

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