Ferrari Has Taken A ‘Systematic’ Approach To Power Unit: Enrico Gualtieri

Shloke Sarkar

Ferrari says that it took a rather systematic approach whilst designing its new Formula 1 power unit meant to be used within the SF21 for the 2021 season, post a disappointing year that saw the team struggle to end the season at P6 in the constructor’s cup, behind the likes of mid-field teams such as McLaren, Renault and Aston Martin (Racing Point)

The slump resulted in just three podiums in the entirety of the season with customers Alfa Romeo and Haas dropping to eight and ninth, barely ahead of Williams.

To tackle this, Ferrari has designed an all-new power unit to be used in the 2021 season post regulations preventing in-season updates during the 2020 season, with this move allowing the team to focus on areas for improvements.

“We tried to use a systematic approach calling on all of our departments – planning, simulation, development, the track – looking for any chance to improve,” stated the head of Ferrari’s power unit, Enrico Gualtieri.

“We identified the things we could work on later, after giving attention to the main ones, without forgetting the impact every choice would have on reliability.

“As a consequence, along with the chassis engineers, we have worked considerably on the layout of the power unit, trying to make the overall project for the car as efficient as possible.”

Furthermore, Gualtieri explained as to how Ferrari had managed to find a performance gain of over one-tenth a second per lap in the main engine.

“We continuously worked on the internal combustion engine, aiming to increase its thermal efficiency with help also coming from our partner Shell, which has led to an advantage estimated at over one-tenth of a second per lap,” he said.

“The turbo compressor has been revised to meet the needs of the engine, and at the same time we have planned to increased efficiency in the recovery of exhaust fumes.

“We’re also working on the hybrid system, on the electronic part, trying to revise all of its components and optimising them.

“The season we’re about to begin also has a phase of preparation with respect to the new regulations in which the hours of development of the power unit have been reduced even more.

These regulations encourage us to be ready ahead of time and to introduce most of the possible developments right from the first race.

“We have put enormous energy into this project but at the same time, we’re working hard on the power unit for 2022. It will debut next year, and it’ll be even more important because it will be with us for at least three years of races.”

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