Google Is Rolling Out An Update For Gmail, Making Searching For An E-Mail Easier

Shloke Sarkar

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Well known Internet search service Google is rolling out a new feature for its mail service, Gmail, which will make it easier for users to search for their mails. With this, Gmail will show users all emails related to a specific address when the user searches for a particular topic or phrase in the search bar.

What Is The New Search Feature For Gmail?

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A blog post from Google states: “An email alias is an alternate address for receiving mail, used in addition to a user’s primary address. There are many reasons why someone may use an alias email address, such as Official name changes, Preferred names, Company rebrands, Acquisitions and subsidiaries,”

In the search results, when the user searches for a particular mail, phrase or word will be taken from the ‘to’, ‘cc’, ‘from’, ‘bcc’ fields and more. According to the company, this feature will be applicable to multiple inbox sections, based on search queries which have an email.

Another quote from the blog adds: “With this change, searching will be easier and results more comprehensive, as users won’t need to remember all of someone’s aliases and run multiple searches for each,”

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In the scenario where the users wish to search only for results with the exact query, they can do so by enclosing the query in quotation marks, so as to avoid unnecessarily wasting the user’s time. This feature will be available for all users soon, without any admin control or settings changes.

This means the user can make use of this new feature without any hassle, resulting in a more streamlined process, minus the extra time, which could prove quite useful in certain scenarios. Older mails can also be found quicker using this new feature.

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