Here Are The Reactions Of McLaren Drivers Lando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo Post MCL35M Drive

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McLaren beat the other teams in the paddock when it came to the 2021 launch since the Woking-based company revealed the MCL35M, its choice of racing car for this season, alongside its new driver lineup. On Tuesday, both drivers, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo went for a drive of the MCL35M and, both of them had some thoughts post initial drive.

For those of you who missed it, the MCL35M is the first McLaren racing car to sport a Mercedes engine since their previous partnership ended back in 2014. Post the reveal, the team allotted filming days to the drivers on a damp Silverstone track. Here are what the drivers had to say post drive.

MCL35M Launch

Lando Norris (#4) McLaren Racing Driver said: “First of all it’s just nice to be back in a race car. Back in a Formula 1 car – and a McLaren – but it’s nice to sit in the bit of machinery that everyone’s been working hard to put together so big hats off and big thanks to everyone in the team,” he stated to SkySports

“It was nice. Difficult conditions to get an initial feeling, but still just lovely to be back in a race car, pushing it to the limit, a few little oversteers and understeers here and there, and that’s what I like.

“This is day one of me trying to make my own improvements and starting off the season on the right foot and trying to be as prepared as possible. This is more when I can have a bigger impact and start giving my feedback and we can make this car as quick as possible added Norris.

MCL35M Testing

“It’s still early days and things to go through, and many more laps we still need to do, but there’s already comments I have from my own comfort side of things, but also with the driveability and the car itself. Not too many comments yet, no complaints, but it’s still early days.”

Post testing, when asked as to which team he would be competing with, he stated: “I think if it’s anything to go by from last year, it’s going to be a bit of everyone.

Even if you’re the fastest car there are races where you’re racing everyone on the grid, or you’re having to come through, or you have one poor qualifying and it can cost you getting into Q3 or several positions.

McLaren Testing

“It’s going to be close, I’m sure everyone’s working as hard as possible – every team – to try and make those small improvements, and they’ll have the same objective as what we do. We just hope that we can do a little bit better.”

Daniel Ricciardo (#3) McLaren Racing Driver said in a video by McLaren: “Slowly shaken out some cobwebs, first few laps done. “It’s probably the worst conditions because it’s greasy, I’m a little cautious on day one, but its all good.”

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