Hidden Gems Of Jharkand: Salparni, Hazaribagh


The hill station of Hazaribagh, located some 93 kms from Ranchi, is located on N.H.33. The district of Hazaribag is situated in the north east part of North Chotanagpur Division is home to a number of hidden gems like the Sanskriti Museum and the Megaliths of Barkagaon. Hazaribagh is also home to the renowned Hazaribagh National Park, a reserve forest spread over 71 sq miles.

Established in 1955, the Hazaribagh National Park is home to  sambar, nilgai, chital, peafowl, hyenas, black bears and sloth bears. It once used to boast of tigers and leopards but today you should consider yourself lucky if you spot a nilgai or hyena. So the question arises as to why I refer to it as a hidden gem. Deep inside the forest of Salparni, an extension of the Hazaribagh National Park you will find a beautiful waterfalls.

Salparni, or Forest of the Sal trees, is a quiet dense forest on the fringes of Hazaribagh. As you enter through the insignificant gate, you have to look around for the forest guard. After the formality of noting down the name and vehicle number, you get to enter this expanse of green.

How To Reach Salparni Water Falls

One can travel a long way into the forest by car but you will be tempted to stop a number of times to get a feel of the forest and listen to the birds chirping. Your forest drive will come to a halt the moment you reach a bridge over a canal. Since there is no dearth of space to park your car. From there you need to go on foot.

To reach the waterfalls one has to force their way through the dense undergrowth. While negotiating the prickly bushes you may get a few nicks and scratches but as you get closer the sound of the waterfall will act as a motivation.

Finally, when you reach the pristine waterfalls you will be shocked at the size and looks. It is indeed hidden from view and tucked deep within the forest. The cascading water emits beautiful music. One can easily climb down the waterfalls as the rocks form a natural staircase. Risk of falling is present so one must be careful.

Of late the Salparni waterfall has come on the grid of picnickers but this has resulted in littering which should be prevented to retain its beauty. If you are from Ranchi or Ramgarh you must take time out to visit Salparni.

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