Humans Can Now Act As Batteries Using A Wearable

Shloke Sarkar

Scientists of the University of Colorado Boulder recently announced that they have developed a wearable that can be used to make the human body act as a battery, eliminating the need for regular batteries. For those of you who have watched “The Matrix” movie, this might scare you. What is this technology and how does this work? Read further to find out.

What is This Wearable Technology?

The US researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder announced that they have created a gadget, which, while being environmentally friendly harvests the body heat and converts the heat into energy that can be used to power a certain device or product.

This tech could be used by adding a bracelet or stretchy ring to their body, which contains the thermoelectric chip that is capable of converting heat into electrical energy. In terms of applications of this technology, one can use this to charge the smartwatch that they are wearing on their wrist.

The idea might trigger memories of the Matrix, which is a movie that has a simulated reality, wherein the human is hooked up to a machine to provide power for robots that have become the leaders of the world.

What do the Researchers have to Say?

Jianliang Xiao, the paper’s Senior Author told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in emailed comments that “(Thermoelectric devices) can provide continuous power to wearable devices and could potentially replace batteries in the future,”

“We hope this technology could, at least partially, solve the pollution problems of electronic waste,” he said, adding the tool is fully recyclable. The devices generate about 1 volt of energy per square centimetre of skin covered.

While more research is needed to increase the amount of power produced and allow for mass production, the gadgets could be on sale in five to 10 years, said Xiao. “Just don’t tell the robots,” the university said in a statement. “We don’t want them getting any ideas.”

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