Indian Government Asks Automakers to Cease Sales of Unsafe Cars

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The Indian Government on Friday asked the manufacturers of automobiles in India to cease sales of cars with downgraded safety standards in the country. The Secretary of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) Giridhar Armane stated during a seminar that only a handful of carmakers have been able to adopt safety rating systems for their vehicles, that too for higher-end models.

In a statement, he said: “Auto manufacturers could not spare any efforts in offering the best quality vehicle in India and it is unpardonable that few of them are downgrading to sell in India”

“Also (I am) very disturbed by the fact that very few have adopted the safety rating system which is used by very few manufacturers for their high-end models” he added.

What Do The Numbers Indicate When It Comes To The Cars and Driver Safety?

In an example, Aramane compared US and India stating: “In the US, approximately 36,560 died in 2018 in about 45 lakh accidents. Whereas, 1.5 lakh died in only 4.5 lakh road accidents in India.
The number of accidents is ten times less but the number of deaths in India is around five times and this fatality is despite having slower cars and slower roads in India.”

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