iOS 14.5 Beta 2 Brings Console Support, Over 200 Emojis And More

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Apple recently rolled out the iOS 14.5 Beta build 1, complete with a few new features, most important of which was the ability to unlock your iPhone without having to remove a mask. Today, the Cupertino based tech giant released the 2nd Beta build of the iOS 14.5 update, with newer additions to the upcoming version of iOS.

What Are The New Features Part Of The 2nd Beta?

The iOS 14.5 Beta 2 comes with many new bug fixes and certain improvements to the UI. A few key updates part of this new beta build are as follows.

1.Set a default music player of your choice

Users do not need to keep using Apple Music as their default music player, since, now, when the user will ask Apple’s AI assistant, Siri to play a certain song, it will list out all the streaming services present on your device. After the listing is complete, Siri will prompt you to choose a default music streaming service. This was reported on Monday by MacRumors.

2. New Emojis

iOS 14.5 will feature 217 new emojis, including new skin-tone variations for all of the popular emojis of humans doing a certain task, like a wave. You will also find a heart on fire, faces exhaling, faces with spiral eyes and more. Finally, the syringe emoji has also been update, removing blood and replacing it with a vaccine syringe.

3. Dual-Sim 5G Global Support

iPhone 12 users can now make use of dual SIM support globally, once they run the iOS 14.5 they can make use of the smartphone’s physical SIM slot and eSIMs to have two services on a single phone. As of now, this was available only in Mainland China.

4. Transparency For App Tracking

iOS 14.5 Beta includes new privacy changes, which will require apps to ask for user permission via a prompt before tracking either their data or their activity. This improvement comes on a change released in iOS 14.3, allowing users to see what amount of data a particular app will take, pre-launch.

5. Siri updates

Apple’s AI assistant Siri can now call 911, with a prompt of “Hey, Siri, call emergency”. Once you do so, a three-second countdown takes place, allowing the user to cancel the request if that was a false prompt.

6.  PS 5/Xbox Series X Controller support

Last but not the least, with this update, Apple will be adding support for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers to iOS and iPadOS,a allowing users to play games on their devices using dedicated controllers.

How To Download The Beta Build?

If you wish to download the iOS 14.5 public beta and try these new features out, you can do so via the following tutorial. Do note, we advise users to use a non-primary smartphone to run this beta build. Moving back to the process, first of all. the user will have to sign up for Apple’s Beta Software Program, which can be done by going to and clicking Sign Up.

During this process, you will need to enter your Apple ID and password, as well as gree to terms. Tap iOS>Get Started>Enroll Your Apple Device will get you through the process.

Once this is done, the user can go to Settings>Software Update>Download and Install.

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