Squadra Corse Teases Its Next Product On Youtube

Shloke Sarkar

The vehicle in question appears to be a modified Huracan EVO that has been transformed and turned into a track-focused monster. Furthermore, the teaser shows viewers that the car has a more pronounced front and back due to fenders with air louvers. There is also a roof scoop, a rear wing and a sizeable diffuser.

Another major feature showcased in the video is the engine, which is the naturally aspirated V10, audible in its high-revving notes. As of now most details are yet to unveiled, one can easily speculate that this car seems to be track-focused with no regulations in place for a street legal car.

Here’s a video on the new car

It is not clear though if the car will be a one-off like the SC20 or the Essenza SCV12, it is quite evident that it will be a race car rather than one available to regular customers. It is expected that this might be a custom vehicle for customers who wish to have the best track day experience.

Previously, in December, the Squadra Corse division of the carmaker revealed the SC20 unique open-top track car which was also approved for road use, but it was a one-off car engineered by the motorsport department and designed by Centro Stile.

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