Mick Schumacher Says Tussle With Mazepin To Be An Interesting One

Shloke Sarkar

The Haas Team’s rookie battle will see Russian driver Nikita Mazepin take on Mick Schumacher, son of Seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher with the German predicting an interesting tussle in place for the future. This season sees the US-based team go for a complete rookie line-up, an oddity in the world of Formula One.

Whilst Gunther Steiner has vowed to give the two rookies room to make mistakes and learn along the way, the Haas Team Principal has warmed that they will have a problem on their hands if they come together on the track.

For those of you wondering, in 2020, Schumacher won the F2 championship, whilst Nikita Mazepin finished 5th, with both drivers sporting 2 wins to their names.

What Does Mick Have To Say About Mazepin?

Schumacher was recently asked about the rivalry in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, wherein he stated: “Nikita had a few good races last year,” “So it will be very interesting to see who is developing and how quickly.

“We are two newcomers. But we’ve spent a lot of years in junior categories. I am sure that if we work together, we can move the team forward. “At the same time, we as drivers have to develop at the same time so that you can see a difference from start to finish.”

Every Formula Racing enthusiast knows that Mick takes time to settle in, winning both F3 and F2 titles after two years in the respective championships. To this, he said: “I think it’s difficult to say that I’m a driver who can’t impress in the first year and who can do everything in the second year,”

“It may look like this on paper, but if you take a closer look, the impression is deceptive. “Especially in Formula 2, my first year wasn’t that bad. Which gives me the impression that I have the potential to be good right away.

“It happened that we had an extremely difficult tyre in Formula 2. So it took a while. “Once I understood the tyre, I was always good at the various races if you take a few things into account, including bad luck.

“In general, I feel that I have the potential to convince in the first year. So I’ll do everything I can to get it done this season so I don’t have to wait for the second year.

“But of course: In the first year I will get used to certain things, and in the second year I will add something.

“It is important to me not to run into a dead-end but to develop further day by day. With the aim of getting faster and faster. “Because that’s ultimately what it’s all about: being the fastest.”

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