Netflix Will Now Automatically Download Content For You, Here’s How

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Popular OTT service Netflix is one that is used by most users, if not all. Recently, the application gave users the option to stop playback post a certain amount of time to ensure the content does not play after the viewer is asleep.

On Monday, Netflix added another feature meant for the user’s ease, called “Downloads For You”.

This feature will allow for automatic downloads for recommended shows and movies based on the viewer’s taste. As of now, Netflix is rolling this feature out to Android users globally, with iOS testing beginning soon.

The feature is quite aptly named since it also allows users to make use of customisable options for this feature. It in itself is optional as a new feature usually is, with users being capable of turning it on or off from the Smart Downloads menu.

Another point to note is that the download happens only when the device is on a Wi-Fi connection. Users can also make use of an option that allows users to allocate storage for these downloads, with different storage options available for varying profiles on the same Netflix account.

A simple example is that of setting a storage limit of 3GB, capable of providing approximately 11-12 hours of movies and shows. Netflix also displays a bar to the bottom to show how much of the storage is used and how much is left, with the options on offer being 1GB, 3GB and 5GB.

How Can You Turn On Netflix Downloads?

Step 1: Open the Downloads tab on your phone, then toggle on Downloads For You.

Step 2: After you have done so, select the amount of content you wish to be downloaded to your device

Step 3: Select Turn On

As for where users can find the content, they can see the downloads being done under Smart Downloads. Do note that this feature is part of Smart downloads which automatically downloads and deletes the next episode of the series.

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