Oppo To Unveil New Technology Related To Fast Charging At MWC 2021

Shloke Sarkar

If you are into the world of technology, then you might be aware of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021, which is scheduled to be held at Shangai brings with it tons of concepts, showcases and much more from various smartphone manufacturers all around the world.

As we are getting closer to the commencement of the 2021 edition of MWC, we are getting to know about what all these brands have in store for us. One of these showcases comes in the form of Oppo with some new tech at the event, in relation to fast charging.

In comparison, Xiaomi has been talking about Air Charging, which allows for devices to be charged wjhen they are in a certain radius from a unique wireless charging dock. Oppo meanwhile is expected to announce more products and tech in relation to flash charge or Vooc charge.

Oppo has been hinting towards its new tech with the catchphrase – “Everything can be flash charging” and “Fast charging for everyone”.

Additionally, the company is also making use of the catchphrase “Interconnected life” with the hashtag #OPPOxMWC21. We are yet to see how these might relate to the concepts, but they do hint towards certain features.

A company will a track record for pioneering certain features, especially in the fast charging segment, Oppo is not one to shy away from a challenge.

The company is the only one to ship 65W chargers as standard with its devices, at a time when chargers are going missing from boxes around the world. It also aids sister companies such as Realme and OnePlus in their 65W charging technology.

This also means that whatever we will see from Oppo will pass over to OnePlus and Realme, making it a common feature for the companies part of the BBK technology group.

As of now, we will have to wait and watch for what Oppo has in store since the event is being held at MWC on February 23.

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