Ferrari’s Resta Will Focus on 2022 Car By End of Feb: Gunther Steiner

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Haas, for the first time since its entry into Formula One will have a Technical Director, in the form of Simone Resta. Resta, who was formerly part of Ferrari is joining the US team to strengthen the technical division. According to Haas Chief Gunther Steiner, he will be turning 99% of his focus onto the 2022 car by the end of February.

For those of you wondering, back in December, Ferrari announced that Resta would be leaving as Head of Chassis Engineering is Ferrari for a role at the team’s customer, Haas. This came as a part of an enhanced relationship between the two teams.

In case you are unaware, Haas already has an office in Scuderia Ferrari’s HQ, including an office in the wind tunnel building which they would use exclusively when carrying out their permitted number of car runs. This has now turned into 4 offices in 2021.

Resta will be sitting in the Haas offices on the Maranello campus with his team of 40 members.  Guenther Steiner says his main focus is on next year, with major regulation changes scheduled for the next season.

What Does Gunther Steiner Have To Say?

“He’s spent the first few weeks getting himself accustomed with what we’re doing,” Steiner told “He has got involved in this year’s car – there were some design changes because of the regulation changes (surrounding mainly the floor area) but now, 80% of his time is focused on 22’, and by end of February it will be 99% focused on 22.”

“We are preparing to be better, but I don’t know what the reality will be,” stated Steiner. “We know it could be tough, but we will manage it. That’s one of the reasons we took two rookie drivers, this is a transition year and we plan for better days in 2022.

“We are bracing ourselves for a tough year. You always work to get best out of it that you can, but you also need to be realistic and not dream that all of a sudden everything will be good.

We struggled last year and the car is basically the same so why would it be a lot better? I don’t think the others will make big mistakes going forward as they have good packages to take forward.”

“We know our performance may not be the best one but there is a lot of work going on. It’s more like being back to 2015 (when Haas were preparing to enter F1 the following season) this year because we took such a big step backwards last year, we have to make two forwards. And that’s what we’re doing.” he further added.’

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