Sebastian Vettel Questions Delay in Safety Car Deployment Post Verstappen Crash

Shloke Sarkar

Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel on Monday questioned the speed of the safety car deployment after feeling that Max Verstappen, who crashed out of the race with a couple of laps remaining was left in a dangerous situation during the  Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

For those of you wondering, Verstappen’s Red Bull hit the wall at peak speeds when he lost control post a tyre blowout. However, after the Dutchman removed himself from his car he was on track spent time on track examining the damage while the race continued.

It took an oddly long 88 seconds from the moment of impact before FIA race director Michael Masi chose to release the safety car. Vettel, whose teammate had crashed out earlier in the race in similar circumstances stated that “I was wondering a little bit why it took so long when Max had the shunt for the safety car to come out.

“It was quite clear that he was standing in the middle of the track. It took a little bit longer but we will see…we will find out why.”This was the second safety car, the first of which came out when Stroll crashed out.

Sebastian, who saw the second incident benefit his net result was also asked as to whether or not he was happy for the race restart, which saw him finish P2 added that  “I think, to be honest, it depends on which side you are, not on which side of the grid.

“I think if you have a positive outcome and you make up positions then you’re happy about it. If obviously, the worst case was probably for Lewis, then you’re not happy about it.”