Slack Users Should Reset Their Password, Here’s Why

Shloke Sarkar

Popular collaboration application Slack, similar to the likes of other such apps saw a rise in its userbase post the pandemic, since the Covid-19 pandemic forced office goers to shift to remote working and these apps came in handy when the employees wished to collaborate on a certain project.

But, if you are one of the many users to have joined Slack amidst the pandemic, you need to reset your password as soon as possible. The reason, a bug committed by the service which caused a password security fault in December of 2020.

What is This Issue?

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As per a report by Android Police, an email from the company, which is published on their site reveals that Android users would need to change their passwords post a bug being introduced by the app on 21st of December, which stored the user’s password in plain text, on Android based smartphones.

This is a concern since sites and applications should never store the user’s password or set cridential in plain text, be it on a phone or in the company’s server. User information that, if compromised might be the cause of an issue should be encrypted before storing the data at any given place. The bug resulted in bricking this encryption, saving the password in plain text.

How To Change Your Slack Password?

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Whilst the instructions for changing the password of a certain user is quite simple, an Android user will be required to go to the Play Store and update the application before changing the pass. Once it is done, users need to check their email and click on the link provided to reset their password. Even if a user does not get an e-mail in relation to this, a password change is advised.

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