Spotify Clips, Canvas Go Official. Here’s What They Are All About

Shloke Sarkar

Spotify, the music and podcast streaming service had started testing Snapchat Esque stories back in 2020. At its recent Stream On event, Spotify officially launched the feature under the moniker “Clips”.

According to the company, Spotify Clips allows users to post short videos that they can put up on playlists.

This feature is quite similar to the workings of Snapchat’s stories, which we also saw being recreated by Instagram. Certain other applications which make use of the feature are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

On Spotify, this feature is implemented quite nicely, with artists being able to put short videos to share their intimate moments with their fans on select playlists that they have on Spotify.

Listeners will be able to tap on the display picture of the artist, which will feature a green circle with the prompt “Tap to see the story”

Functionality too is same, where users can tap on the screen to move on to the next story. It does lack replying or reacting based features for the stories, a staple on Instagram and other social media sites.

Users can report stories on Clips, which is good. Do note, the experience will be controlled by artists, with users not allowed to make use of the same.

We first saw Spotify test this feature last November with certain artists like Ava Max, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez and Meghan Trainor.

Another feature that was in the works is now official and it is called “Canvas”. The feature allows artists to make video loops of their album arts. By using Canvas, artists can make 3-8 second clips of their art that will be played on loop. The artists can also customize these clips with other images.

Billie Eilish made use of this feature by adding animated versions of the fan art of her tracks on Spotify. Now, the feature has been made available to all artists.

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