VLC To Receive Updates To UI As Part Of Much Needed Version 4.0

Shloke Sarkar

Widely known to be the most well known Media Player and my personal choice when it comes to media playback, VLC is a name that everyone should know about. That being said, the cross-platform media player, which has 3.5 billion downloads to its name in the 20 years of its existence desperately needs an update.

This will be arriving to VLC as part of the VLC 4.0 update, set to release later this year, complete with a new UI.

What Does VLC’s Creator Have To Say?

VLC also plans to bring more third-party content and media with the help of extensions. “We modified the interface to be a bit more modern,” Kempf said to Protocol.
With a new UI, the VideoLan team is also trying to work on an improved web version of the VLC media player. This will use WebAssembly and JavaScript rather than a web-plugin. This would result in faster playback and smoother usage. It should also be able to show “any type of movie right inside your web browser” as per Kempf.
There is another product under wraps from the company, which will have an IMDb-esque database, with editing capabilities. Kempf also shared the plans in relation to VLC’s 20th-year celebrations.
The VLC team has plants to put a video time capsule onboard the first lunar spaceflight. The time capsule will consist of videos from VLC users as well as videos highlighting VLC’s journey.
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